WEDNESDAY, November 20, 2019

Franklin Steak House

238 Franklin Avenue

Nutley, New Jersey 07512

6:30PM - 9:30PM

Cover - $30 

Hot Appetizers 

Cold soft drinks

SPEAKER: Charles ("Chuck") Kohout

TOPIC:   Creative Real Estate Investing

Back in November of 2004 after stepping off stage following a New Jersey Real Estate Investment Club meeting, I met for the first time, the large and rather imposing Charles Kohout (“Chuck”). He put his giant arms around me and said “I’m your new best friend”. He introduced me to crazy deal strategies that require little cash and no credit.  These strategies originated with Ron Legrand but have of course been revised over the years to work in the New Jersey market. Although I do not use these strategies myself, I have seen them work first hand. Over the years I have seen Chuck become a speaker who has shared his techniques with hundreds of students.  Investing in real estate comes in many different strategies and we at The New Jersey Real Estate Investment Club strive to present as many as we can for your consideration. I hope you can join us. 

Cover: $30.00

Hot snacks and cold soft drinks included.

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1/18/20 - Chris Anderson
2/19/20 - Joseph V. Scorese
3/18/20 - Joe Lawrence
4/15/20 - Douglas J. Beck
5/20/19 - Tameko Sawyer

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